Take The 30 Day Joy Challenge!

Join us Monday, February 16, 2015
at 7:00pm Eastern for
The Tap Into – Joy 30 Day Challenge!

Come play with us for the next 30 days as we make it our intention to “seek joy first” and try out together a new tapping technique that I’ve been working on, that’s designed to help you focus on and increase the better feeling emotions and higher energy vibrations.

What do I mean by “seek joy first,” I mean we are going to place our focus on the things that we like, that are working and are pleasing to us and focus and tap into better and better feeling places. We’re deliberately going to look around our environment at the people, places and things and zero in on the all positive aspects of our lives.

Since whatever you focus on grows, we’re going to deliberately grow our joy by looking for things to appreciate in everything and everyone, including ourselves. For the next 30 days we are going to do our absolute best to put on some “rose colored glasses” and pretend that we are Polly Ana, pie in the sky optimists!

Oh right, you might be saying, that would be easy if I could just take off for a month to some beautiful and secluded place where I didn’t have to deal with all these negative people and daily problems that I have going on in my life. But most of us don’t have that luxury available to us and even if we did, it wouldn’t help teach us how to feel more joy in the midst of the lives that we are living. So, we are going to start with wherever we are in the moment, and practice how we can experience more joy right now, with whatever life we happen to be living!

It takes about 30 days of doing something consistently to “create a habit.”  We all have habits of thought that create a kind of “set-point” within us, of a range of emotions and moods that are “normal” for us. We’re going to work on creating a “better feeling normal” because the more you activate the good feeling emotions and the more time you spend in them, the more habitual and normal they become for you.

If any of this resonates with you and you’d like to give it a try, I suggest you approach it in a light and playful way. Look at the next 30 days as an interesting adventure and experiment!

For the full detailed instructions of how to take The 30 Day Joy Challenge, enter your name and email address into the box on the right and you’ll gain immediate access to the detailed instructions as well as the call in number for Monday, 2/16/15 – 7pm Eastern.

Join the Joy Movement!

The Joy is in the Journey!

Welcome fellow Joy Seekers! It is our intention to attract those who would like
to experience more joy in their lives and pass it on the others.

  • We believe that the world could use some more Joy.
  • We believe in the power of Joy to change our lives and so change the world.
  • We believe that we change the world by changing ourselves.
  • We believe that there are no happy endings to unhappy journeys.
  • We believe that the Joy of life is in the Journey.
  • We believe that we create our reality by what we focus on.
  • We believe that whatever we focus on grows.
  • We believe that the measure of our personal success is the amount of Joy we feel.
  • We believe that if we seek Joy first than all else follows.
  • We believe that we have the power to focus our minds in a more positive way each day and by so doing, create more joyful lives and a more joyful world!

If these beliefs resonate with you, we invite you to join
“The Joy Movement” and take the 30 Day Joy Challenge!