The Joy Movement!

Welcome fellow Joy Seekers!
It is our intention to attract those who would like
to experience more joy in their lives and pass it on the others.

  • We believe that the world could use some more Joy!
  • We believe in the power of Joy to change our lives and so change the world!
  • We believe that we change the world by changing ourselves!
  • We believe that there are no happy endings to unhappy journeys!
  • We believe that the Joy of life is in the Journey!
  • We believe that we create our reality by what we focus on!
  • We believe that whatever we focus on grows!
  • We believe that the measure of our personal success is the amount of Joy we feel!
  • We believe that if we seek Joy first than all else follows!
  • We believe that we have the power to focus our minds in a more positive way each day and by so doing, create more joyful lives and a more joyful world!

If these beliefs resonate with you,
we invite you to join
“The Joy Movement”
and take the 30 Day Joy Challenge!