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Introducing: The Joy Journey Game!

11988338_10206831296157502_8561457915646575053_nHi I’m Bonnie Durkin and I am the creator of the Joy Journey! The Good Feeling Game Where Everyone Wins!

I believe with all my heart that each one of us is supposed to live a wonderful life! We are supposed to be happy, we are supposed to be healthy, we are supposed to feel deeply fulfilled, valuable and worthy! Basically, when you come right down to it, we are supposed to feel good!

This game has been birthed from my 14 years of working with individual clients and groups, and discovering what techniques and exercises create the most immediate, better feeling shifts. The creation of the Joy Journey has been a fun and winding journey to the end result that you see today. It’s a true labor of love Love for the work I do, love for the clients I serve and love for the life I live! !

It is my wish that the playing of this unique game will help you connect in a deeper way to yourself, to the group, to your better feeling emotions and most of all to your joy and unlimited possibilities!

In Joy and Appreciation,
Bonnie Durkin

The purpose of The Joy Journey Game is to take a journey together up the emotional scale towards joy. This game blends energy techniques and visualization with the concepts of the law of attraction to help you move your emotions into better and better feeling places.

It’s a game of connecting with yourself and the other players on a deeper level. The different fun exercises in the game will help you to go beyond the surface level, get clearer about your desires, and get inspiration and upliftment from the group!

No matter where you are when you start playing, you’ll feel better at the end then you did at the beginning!

It’s not just a game, it can change your life!